At LABrokers our goal is to provide you with the best service possible. Below you will find information on how we protect your rights. It is our policy to do everything we can to ensure that you are informed. If there are issues not covered here, please Contact Us so that we can improve our service.

The insurance company will issue you your policy documents and details of policy cover in the normal way. You hold all the policy papers and documentation in your own custody. And, like all other insurance policy transactions, you will have a full 30 days to examine this policy to make sure that it is exactly what you require. This standard 30 day period is known as a 'cooling off' period. It's purpose is to give you complete peace of mind.

We search for the lowest price insurance and then we apply an immediate discount to your first year’s premium. The contract is between you and the insurance provider. It is the insurance provider that provides all benefits. LABrokers acts as an intermediary and arranges the discount. For pensions, investments and savings the commission structure is different and this enables us to offer the discount for the life of the policy

Our immediate discount applies to your first year's premium. Subsequent premiums are payable at the normal yearly or monthly level that you were quoted.

Your first year's discounted amount is only payable before you need your policy to start. The discounted amount is payable to LABrokers. In most cases you can pay this amount by Credit Card, Cheque, or Postal Order. Another option is to pay the full non discounted amount directly to the insurance provider. In this case LABrokers would write you a refund cheque as soon as commission is paid (generally within 4 to 5 weeks). You have a full 30 day cooling off period from when your policy starts. Regardless of the payment option you choose an insurance provider will not provide cover if you have not returned a completed direct debit mandate with your application.

From the second year onwards the insurance company will renew your policy by annual direct debit. Once your policy is up and running you can alter this payment frequency to monthly if you prefer. You do this by contacting the insurance providers customer service department directly.

There is no commitment for you to pay further premiums. You are free to cancel your policy at any time and without penalty. However, if you cancel your policy your cover ends.

This is very straightforward. Within 30 days you simply inform us, or the insurance company, of your intentions and that's the end of the matter. You will receive a full and immediate refund of your payment.

If you ever have to make a claim, you simply contact LABrokers, like you would contact any other insurance broker, and we'll be delighted to look after all your requirements for you. In addition, we'll give you top professional advice to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently for you. If you wish, and we mention this here for your added peace of mind, you may prefer to process your claim directly with the insurance company.

Quite simply, we provide low cost insurance PLUS.. we share our reduced administration costs and highly efficient web-site promotional cost-savings with you... in the form of a very attractive immediate reduction in your first year's premium.

Simply complete the Free Quotation Request Form (Mortgage Protection / Life Assurance), submit it to us and we will email the results of our database search to you. We will clearly illustrate the cheapest provider and indicate our first year's discount. You can then move forward at your leisure without any pressure, as we only follow up if you ask.

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