Term Life Insurance - What is it?

Term Life Insurance policy pays out the amount of Life Cover as a tax-free lump sum, whether you die on the first day of the life policy or the last. The amount payable on death is fixed at the outset and stays the same throughout the duration of the life policy. You simply choose the amount of cover you need and the length of time you need it for. Your family can use this lump sum to cover any expenses they may have - for example funeral expenses or other debts. They could also invest it to provide a regular income.

The benefits and the premium you pay under a Term Life Insurance policy are guaranteed and do not depend on investment performance.

When should you apply for Term Life Cover?

The ideal time for most healthy persons is three weeks before you need the policy.

The information you provide to the insurer on the application form is only valid for 3-6 months, so there is little point in applying too far in advance.

Term Life Insurance is suitable for:

  1. Family protection - provides a lump sum.
  2. Business cover for loans, key person etc.
  3. Loan cover.