The PRSAs LABrokers arrange are on a nil commission basis and are on an ‘execution only’ basis.  

We hold Professional Indemnity insurance which exceeds the requirements. However, under common rules laid down by the financial regulator ‘execution only’ means we cannot offer you guidance or advice. 

The steps required to obtain a Certificate of Comparison are: 

1. Broker meets client to establish suitability to move funds from DC Pension to PRSA. 

2. If PRSA suitable, Broker arranges the production of a Cert of Comparison and written statement. 

3. Broker goes through Cert of comparison & written statement with client. 

4. Broker produces suitability letter for transaction and provides to client. 

5. Broker & client signs Cert of Comparison & written statement. 

6. Broker gives customer original Cert of Comparison & written statement. 

7. Broker submits fully completed PRSA application, Transfer In form and copy of signed Cert of Comparison & written statement to provider. 

With an ‘execution only’ service we cannot gather sufficient information from you which would be appropriate to the nature and complexity of the product being sought by yourself so that we could stand over and confirm the suitability of the product. 

The online business model we have is nil commission / execution only and cannot offer the level of advice that a product requiring a Certificate of Comparison needs and we don’t at present offer an alternative advice driven fee based service. 

The cost of you paying someone to provide you with a Certificate of Comparison may well exceed the advantages you would obtained setting up the PRSA on nil commission.  

I have listed below a few agencies that provide this information:-

John Lynch
Lane Clark & Peacock Ireland
Telephone +353 (0)1 6144393
Fax +353 (0)1 6686303

Global Pension Options
Judy O'Rourke organises these





Co Wicklow