Life Assurance Options for the over 50’s




  • Term Assurance – most competitive providers at present are Zurich, Caledonian Life, Friends First and Irish Life.

 Whole of Life –  expensive but it provides a guaranteed amount of life cover for the whole of your life. The most competitive providers for the guaranteed product are Zurich and Aviva. Whole of life policies are usually used as part of inheritance tax planning.

Over 50’s cover – main players in the Irish market are Irish Life, One Direct, Cuna Mutual. Over 50’s cover may be ideal for persons who have a medical condition that otherwise makes them uninsurable. Premiums start at €15 a month and the most cover you can take out is normally up to €25,000.


  • Don’t buy life assurance that you don’t need or already have.

 John Geraghty is CEO of online discount brokers