Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has advised mortgage holders to find out if they can avail of improved terms.

Following the publication of a Central Bank report showing savings can be made by switching lenders he said 'If there's a range of options that gives you a cheaper mortgage, go for it'.

Said John Geraghty of 'One of the easierst options to reduce your outgoings is to get a cheaper mortgage protection policy. Many mortgage protection policies were sold to customers by banks at overinflated prices and because the premiums people pay often comes out of one direct debit the actual amount is concealed. Over the term of the loan the savings are considerable'.

Here's how you do it:

1. Find out how much is owing on your loan and how many years are left.

2. Ask your bank to tell you how much you are paying on your mortgage protection policy (you don't need to see one of their financial advisers (salespersons) to obtain this).

3. With the information in 1 and 2 above go to LABrokers and get a mortgage protection quote.

3. If it is cheaper. Apply for cover with LABrokers. We'll take you through the process step by step and show you how easy it is to save money.